Saturday, 28 April 2012

A Heart that Forgives

This is a brilliant music video called 'A Heart that Forgives' that I really wanted to use as part of last week's post (What is forgiveness?) but didn't want that post to be too long.

It's only 5 minutes and has such beautiful lyrics, showing some relevant life scenarios related to forgiveness. It brings to mind some of the comments made in the previous week's post. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

You can enlarge the video screen by pressing square next to the word vimeo

Kevin LeVar - A Heart that Forgives Music Video from Feature Productions Inc. on Vimeo.

What do you think?


  1. Kind of religious song but beautiful one and holds point in it. It's better to try to forgive than get bitter.

  2. Yeah, it took me a long time trying to find the right tune to add to the forgiveness post I did last week and this turned out to be the best one. It is beautiful, and we should all try not to be bitter. Thanks again Amethyst.

  3. This is very, very much inspiring, Rumpunch!

    When the soul is heavy, it may open a door to hope, and if there are no bad feelings, can make a person happy, knowing there is always a way.

    I did love the song as much as you did!

    Only as a justice to balance, I must tell you that even if wheat and darnel (tares) grow together, the darnel smell still fills even the most secluded nooks on our hapless planet! We can just wait to get over it soon!!

    Thank you for this tune!

    1. So true Untony.
      I'm glad that you loved the song too. I know how you like good music. (blog) Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Forgiveness is something that I tend to struggle with. But the fact is we're all only human, so it's unreasonable to expect perfection from one another. When I can see a person has unintentionally failed I can usually manage it OK. It helps to remember all the mistakes and wrong things I have done, to get a proper sense of perspective.

    But when someone has done something blatantly out of order and is swaggering round with no trace of remorse, that's when I have to admit that I find it really hard not to want to seek that 'pound of flesh'.

    1. I guess that is when sweet revenge kicks in, when the other person has no remorse. But it is clearly not the right way.
      Hopefully we will all learn to deal with the forgiveness struggle we go through. Thanks for stopping by again.

  5. The first song I've heard this morning. Really inspiring and worth listening. Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. This is soul soothing and inspiring, Rum-Punch! Beautiful song..Thanks for sharing it with us :)

    I'm your silent reader and have never missed any of your posts, its just that I didn't comment.

    1. Thanks Kitty for taking the time to read my posts. I'm very grateful.


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