Friday, 11 May 2012

Incarcerated Freedom

Incarcerated freedom is the best kept secret known to man. Why? Simply because we have all been led to believe that we have certain rights to freedom of speech, expression, information, and respected privacy (Human Rights) plus much more. This is really not the case. We have been given a false sense of security, or should I say a false sense of freedom.

I'm not talking about the obvious boundaries we all need to keep us safe and secure, but rather the unnecessary things that ebb away our liberty and freedom.

We all want to freely express our views, voice our opinions, debate matters, but do we really have a right to say what we mean - especially in public? Or are we forced to suppress our true feelings for fear of being labeled as a harsh critic, a racist, a trouble-maker or fanatic? Even when our thoughts are not criminal we can be scared of voicing our own real truth. So are we really free to speak? Or are our hands bound with the rope of political correctness?

I recently heard that google wanted access to everyone's private emails. It doesn't matter why, even if the reason can be justified. What really matters to me is the fact that this was just planted upon us, we were not given the opportunity to debate and furthermore, have no option to opt out. Our privacy is at stake. Again, freedom of choice is taken away.  They are making our private lives into public property.

How about CCTV? It started off as a good idea, to catch criminals by identifying them irrefutably etc. and yes, it has provided some good evidence. But things have gone absolutely crazy now. CCTVs are everywhere. They're on the buses, the trains, inside/outside shops, banks, doctors surgeries. Yes, doctors surgeries. There I was sitting and talking to my doctor when all of a sudden I noticed this intrusive monster looking at me. Mr CCTV. Even though the area where you got undressed was behind the camera, nobody informed me beforehand that I would be filmed whilst privately talking to my GP. There was no opportunity given to challenge it's arrival and no liberty to have it removed. My privacy is being invaded and somewhat taken away.

I thought there was freedom of information if your requested it. Have you ever tried to get information that the government or authorities don't wish you to have? If you are lucky enough to get a response to your request, I can guarantee that parts may be edited, deleted, or have relevant missing pages.  So information is not always that free flowing. How many times have essential facts been covered up? One good example is Rupert Murdock CEO of News Corporation, allegedly involved in the phone hacking enquiry in the UK at present. Emails have been conveniently erased, conversations not remembered, and vital evidence missing or deleted. Telephone conversations have been hacked into time and time again. Privacy taken away. This does not just happen to the rich and wealthy.

What about Anders Breivik who murdered all those people in Norway? I wanted to hear what he had to say on the matter, I wanted to know why he believed he had to stand against multiculturalism and immigration and who he was affiliated to BUT the TV channel made a decision for us all. We were not to see parts of the trial. Even if they had a valid reason, once again my friend called 'choice' was taken away. No freedom to choose.

This is a vast topic and length of post limits the amount of examples I can give, but hopefully you have managed to grasp my point here about freedom.

Opinions, examples, agree, disagree - whatever the case, I'd love to hear from you. Feel 'free', whether you believe you are or not.


  1. First of all freedom of speech, *sigh*. Freedom of speech is just that. You are allowed to say anything so long as it is not inciting violence. That is not to say what you say is not without consequences. Recently a basketball player in US made a statement basically using "gay" as a negative and "straight" the positive, pointing out how one was obviously so much better than the other it was not even a question. HUGE fallout from it when he yelled freedom of speech. Well, no one was trying to arrest the guy. He exercised his freedom of speech. Others saying he was a douche bag for saying it, that was them exercising THEIR freedom of speech. Freedom does not me consequence-less.
    After all, freedom is just not one, it is for all.

    I have abit of a giggle at you lamenting freedom of information, then privacy. Two sides to the same coin. I think we all have to walk that fine line of your right to information, and peoples, courts and corporation privacy and confidentiality. I mean it is not your right to know how much I have in my banks account, and you can't bitch about people knowing your business that you put on face book. Knowing your options, your rights, your obligations, and more importantly respecting that others have these same rights.

    1. I agree with your first point, you are totally right that freedom is not consequence-less. Freedom is however taken away or should I say limited once you find yourself in the public domain ie: workplace etc...This is when I think much more of the political correctness has to kick in.

      Oh yes Jamie (I can only imagine that giggle) I do see what you mean in regards to freedom of information and privacy, I wasn't able to fully clarify all my points as the post was already too long and I shortened it drastically, but I'll try to answer here.

      If YOU wanted to request MY personal medical records (not as a medical professional or emergency situation) I would deem this to be private and confidential information not available for public consumption, unless I give my express permission. So I class this as private.

      But what I was relating to regarding access to information, was my own personal experience of authorities over the years when trying, within legal rights, to get hold of what is supposed to be public information. I have found that relevant documents don't come easily, if at all.

      I've never requested secret service info or highly sensitive info which could be damaging but only what I am legally entitled to (boundaries :) by law and according to the authorities' own rules.

      This has happened many, many times to the point where I have had to pursue legal action to get it. On one hand certain authorities use the word 'transparent' in dealing with the public, but when push comes to shove, there is nothing transparent about them.

      Lastly, when it comes to facebook etc, it is down to each person to choose how much they put up there and I agree they only have themselves to blame for any fallout. Thanks for your response Jamie.

  2. True that sometimes we cannot choose, since someone else is deciding for us and defining what we should see and hear or not to see and hear.

    And I think that one has to think what is saying bublicly if not wanting to get labeled as something. Especially with people who don't know you and who you either don't know you first have to be very careful with your words, if not wanting to get condemned.

    For instance if I blurtet off my mouth in group of girls who don't know me that well, that I don't like kids at all and that I definitely wouldn't be at my best with kids, I would easily get judged to be strange, cold, egoistic plaa plaa for most of the girls love kids and even most of the girls at my age (22) seem to want to have kids or are already having. (Funny enough, they are also complaining about not having any time for themselves, no money cuz' kid is so expencive, being not able to sleep at nights for baby is yelling etc...)

    Anyways I would be labeled as something I'm not for just not being interested in changing diapers and nursing a kid. That's just not me. I'm seeing more cons in having a kid than pros. That doesn't make me egoistic or strange. Cold personality in some level I can be but everyone just can't be so emotional and empathic. That doesn't mean I don't care though.

    1. Totally agree with you on the kid thing. Whn I express not wanting kids people look at me like I said I kick puppies when no one is looking.

    2. Amethyst
      I only wish more people would really take the time to think about whether or not they want to have kids. That way, there would be less unwanted children in this
      world. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Tyranny spreads every day nowadays, it's the New World Order. How can they respect our privacy while they believe they OWN us? They see us as their wage slaves, and information is power, and power is nothing without control. The surface level of political correctness filters out expression of ideas whose exploration would set us free, and the deeper level of censorship seals us into airtight conformism. It only gets worse every day.

    1. Untonyto
      This is so true and well said. :) Thanks.

  4. Ah, Jamie so I'm not the only "freak" disliking the kids ! :D but think about that; I'm a girl and "supposed" to have some kind of nursing obsession instinct ....But I'm simply not having it that much and this would be much more normal trait if I was a man. At least in Finland it's considered as very normal, that 22 years old guy doesn't like kids and is not wanting to have one.

    Anyways now back to the subject untonyto is having a point I think, it's a bit scary where the censorship is going.

  5. There we go again!

    The oxymoronic idea of Liberty in Prison is thrilling enough as to make thoughts come running to the dance room in the brain.

    The first thing coming to attention are those organizations that are mentioned in the post, and some others, such as the Bilderberg Club, for instance, since the mere fact of their existence suggests a kind of colossal conspiracy against freedom and auto-determination.

    But as soon as I could give some format at that idea, the gnome that likes to play bowling in the halls of my mind, stopped by and asked me if it is reasonable to think that so vast a conspiracy is a possible thing.

    It was a matter of new ways of thinking, maybe the solution is in other way simpler and viable, at least so is how the little resident sprite tried to reason:

    Humankind is the most insecure, and greedy group of living things in the Universe, these insecurity, and greed are the reasons we try to get control of most things in our environment. This is the reason why organization are created to assure this control and give to those in the ruling group the sense of security and safe gathering of wealth our insecurity demands.

    Sometimes, those organization agree in their paths, and sometimes they are contestant for a definite goal, but no matter what, they interfere with governments and citizens alike creating the censorship that rules our so called liberty. Some other time it is not necessary for an organization to appear in the scene, governments and national groups are enough to be the guilty parties.

    Hence the insidious manipulation of human beings to exacerbate their fears and prejudice in the making of "new" ideas about how to manage the rights to freedom of speech, expressions, and human privacy. The creation of an innovating way to interact with each other, called, with a big creativity, "Politically Correct", is an example of this activity. If one reaches the stage of changing Miss to Ms, and blackboard to writeboard, to keep appearances of
    guarding respect to people, one is giving up many other rights in just one step.

    That is not enough, in this world of us, "we", and I not referring to the common citizen, need to know most of the personal facts of people if we want to control their actions, and at the same time close all doors to any damaging information to us that can reach people in general.

    I concur with Jamiessmile about one is allowed to say anything, as long as it is not inciting violence, and moreover with the idea that this permission is not without consequences. Also it is true that respecting one another is the right thing to do. Only these things work just for individuals, when we go up the ladder, organizations, governments, et al, these simple "rights" are not active anymore, but there are a lot of ways to disguise this disrespect.

    On the other hand, Amethyst has the difficult task to face prejudices, as I wrote above. My heart is with her and I would face all those that think that if you are young and a woman, you must be a Mother, or you are a cold and selfish personality! This is preposterous and unfair. But there is a tendency to keep this outdated belief since tribes were in need of hands.

    Finally, untonyto makes it clear and aloud: how can we expect respect and consideration if most of those characters that guide the New World Order think they own every one of us, and our belongings?

    It may be scary to think about where are we going to live if this escalate does not stop, but we must think that human being are pliable and reliable, so it is possible the next generations get used to live in such conditions.

    Not a happy thought, but not the end of the world either.

    1. Untony
      Wow, love the way you put the response, need I add anything, naaa. Thanks Untony.

  6. It's a fine, blurry line that exists between liberty and oppression, not just in the public domain, but within our minds as well...many of us are enslaved by our attachments.

    1. Kris
      Oh yes, yes, and yes. This is very true as well.

  7. If anyone managed to put themselves in a position of power/authority over a large number of people, they would naturally watch their back. I think this is because we are still under evolved spiritually and emotionally, we focus so much on the material and this material interest has convoluted in onto itself.... in a world where we have everything people still starve... hum...I think we need to focus on sharing and caring and not this crazy money religion that is constantly being thrust in front of our face... money worshipping spews forth at us form radio, television, billboards, we give offerings (interest/mortgage) to our place of worship (banks)...grrrrrr

  8. Well said, Boiled Tongue (like the name) and thank you so much for your comment.


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