Saturday, 28 January 2012

Social Responsibility

Is an ethical ideology or theory that an entity, be it an organisation or individual, has an obligation to act to benefit society at large. Social responsibility is a duty every individual or organization has to perform so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystem (Wikipedia)
How many individuals on a daily basis look to 'social responsibility' as a way to live their lives. Do they even know what it means? 

For me 'social responsibility' is all about having a concept that you are not just responsible for your immediate family and friends around you, but for society as a whole which includes the very environment around you. 

When we go out shopping whether it be for food, clothes or a brand new car, it is our responsibility to at least try to check where some of our goods/products are coming from and possibly how they are made. Are we really happy to know that the little black dress, the one that creates masses of compliments from others was actually made by a child labourer who was working relentlessly in poor conditions with little or no pay?

What about that brand new car? 

Whilst we sit and pose with pride for all others to admire us in the front seat, wind blowing through our hair, at any point do we think about how much pollution we leave behind in the atmosphere, or are we so hooked on the lifestyle that we don't give a monkeys? 
Need I mention the length some people in third world countries go to, to put their foods on our plates. Lives have been lost for it

Checked your bank account recently? Some banks are happy to invest in companies that deal with 'arms trading, animal testing' and much more. Fine if you are happy with this. But then, it is clearly hypocrital for you to wave your banner of 'protection against animal cruelty' when you invest all your money in the same banks that agree in testing products on those animals you falsely endevour to save. 

It is exactly the same for the person claiming to be a strict vegetarian, defending animal rights but at the same time are prancing about wearing all things leather. It makes no sense. 
It is the responsible businesses that behave ethically, honestly and in an upfront manner that we should be looking to do business with.

I am not saying that you spend hour upon hour researching about everything you do on a daily basis but if each person would just make it a challenge to check out one product they regularly use, find out where it comes from, how it's made and what possible impact it may be having on our society, the world would be a better place for us to live. There is no doubt that what we do in this world will have a detrimental effect on the ones we leave behind. 

We all want to leave a good inheritance for our children and grandchildren when we no longer exist. What good is leaving money if they can't live in a healthy environment and society?

Where did that lovely diamond come from, the one that's on your ring????

Saturday, 21 January 2012

The Job Experience

There I was feeling sorry for myself  as everything that could go wrong, went wrong (I hate computers, push the wrong button and you've had it, and what's more....if you don't know what you did to mess it up, how can you fix the stupid problem, computers are a nightmare on the best of days) when suddenly I came across this great music video or should I say story video. It was so good, I watched it twice. 

It's fresh, clean and very well executed, in my humble opinion. Well, no need to write an article on it, as it speaks for itself.  Why not sit back and take a look.

This video tackles the same thorny subject as the biblical book of Job. How does God allow bad things to happen to good people? 

With the prosperity gospel so rampant nowadays, this is a hot and timely topic. 

Let me know what you think.

Mali Music - The Job Experience [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] from Anthony Brooks on Vimeo.

The Job Experience
Director: Adam Tillman-Young
Producer: Shalonda Cornitcher
DP: Jeff Waldon
Post/Effects: Anthony Brooks and Bekah Baik

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Are We Not All Racist?

To make matters simply I will use the terms black and white to make points. 

Racism (meaning) - hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. 
1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own races is superior and has the right to rule others.
2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
3. hatred or intolerance of another races or other races (

With the  recent Steven Lawrence case, the ongoing saga about the Diane Abbott MP tweets ( and the never ending issues over footballers constantly making racist comments, the many wars against different countries, with each race fighting to get up the ladder, stepping on the other as they try to reach that crown. Are we not all a bit racist from time to time?

Back in the day when I was growing up, it seemed that I had a clear boundary line to knowing whether or not someone was either a racist or was making a racist comment. Nowadays, it seems that that line is somewhat blurred and every time particular words are used, people are automatically branded a racist, without thought. 

We once had a neighbour who was, what I would call a clear 'rascist'. This whole family of mother, father, brother, and sister made it clear to all on a daily basis that they did not like blacks, they did not  want to communicate with blacks, they wanted all black people to go home (wherever that was) and this family made endless comments against black people on a regular basis.  They even had the cheek to inform you that they were part of the National Front. This is what I call racist.

I clearly remember the days when it was scary walking on the streets at night as we feared bumping into the racist skin-heads that would literally chase you all the way home. If they caught up with you, there was no doubt that you would get a good beating. Why? because you were black. End of. This is what I call racism.

On the other hand, I then had friends who I would hang around with, go out to parties with, spend time with and on rare occasions when we came to hard points of disagreement or arguments that they could not win, in frustration would use the word 'black b******d, w*g or n****r in a fit of rage. I believe they made racist comments but I would not label them a racist. 
Is it possible that your friends or even colleagues are so comfortable when around you, that they can make racist comments without you taking offence, or even make inappropriate remarks without you jumping on the bandwagon. 

At what point should we accuse someone of being a racist?
How many times have you seen articles, watched TV, listened to the radio and heard stories about how the police 'stopped and searched' a person and found nothing? How many people are finding it hard to get a job? How many people in jobs are not being promoted despite hard work? if all the above people in question are black, then are those employers, police, etc racist? 

On many occasions I have heard black people refer to other black races in negative, stereotypical ways, and even use the N - word to refer to their friend. What about all this hip hop music vilifying the black man. Should this be tolerated? and if so, isn't it OK for a white person do the same?

I am quite confident of the steps I take when racism rears it's ugly head, whether it be with friends or colleagues. I also take a further step not to tolerate the music that I perceive as negative or racist, I simply switch it off. I believe that if everyone did a little something then those that are clearly racist for whatever reason will either have to change their minds or do it behind our backs. Promoting healthy open-minded discussions on the subject especially in the media could also be a good way of dealing with the issues some of us have. I'm fully aware of the importance of teaching children what is acceptable/unacceptable in and out of school. I'm also very careful not to let every word that has 'black' in it, become an offence, as political correctness is going mad.

For me, racism is like a bubbling volcano simmering away. Are we simply waiting for it to erupt, like the Jews did in Hitler's Germany?

Sunday, 8 January 2012

You're Not Poor You're Foolish

Welcome, one and all to Rum-Punch Drunk. A free space for anyone to join in or bring ideas. Feel free to agree or disagree, just as long as you don't get too deep on me. I'm not interested in doing a 9 round boxing match (too much typing) I'd  prefer a warm up, with a good exercise routine, and a recommended cool down. Or try chucking me in at the deep end. Don't worry yourself with grammar etc. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Any solutions to problems will be most acceptable.

Ohhhhh dear, I'm thinking again, an idea has just popped into my mind, I'm gonna express those views ladies n gents.

You're Not Poor You're Foolish :
 This is one for the unemployed on benefits. Are you really 'that poor' or mishandling the benefit hand-outs?
I'm not against those who are genuinely out of work and in financial difficulty, but oh my gosh, there are many others taking the mick. It is those that cause me to produce foam from the mouth! like a rabid dog.  
If you can still afford to go out raving more than the average working person, buy that new dress not from the charity shop but from the new collections at  Zara's, or if you're the sort of person that when missing we can definitely find you down the pub with friends most of the week then let me tell you something, you got some of your priorities in the 'wrong place'. You're not poor, your're foolish, you've got enough money but don't know how or where to spend it. 
No point in raving all week, with the highest pair of designer shoes in town and those off the peg outfits but once you return to that place 'the secret hide-away' called  home,  you're eating baked beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the bare lino with no cupboard for those priceless clothes either. What's the point in buying that expensive gadget and not paying the bill for the electric that you need to run it.  Your not poor, your're foolish. 
No point in not paying 'Bills', distressing the bendy credit card (giving it spine issues), then bitterly complaining as if you had a right, that the bailiff wanted to take your 'state of the art TV'. Credit's not yours and neither is the TV. I've heard so many people moan about bailiffs, and how that person wants to take the bailiff to court. Bailiff's aren't  knocking the door to ask you out for a drink, they're just getting back the money that 'Bills' didn't get.

I clearly remember being unemployed and poor, and on a fortnightly basis chasing down the postman on Giro day. As soon as Mr Postman turned the corner to our flats and was in eye view from our kitchen window he became fodder. We ran to greet him as if an old friend and told him how we needed the letter in the little brown envelope, that life saving  giro before the post office closed.  We then proceeded on foot at a fast pace or should I be honest and say we sprinted faster than any man could run the 100 meters to the post-office as we needed the dosh. Those were the days when, we were  poor, really poor. When that giro was late we were hungry and most miserable. I feared Mr Loan and Mrs Credit Card and whenever the thought came knocking I was clearly out. 

Why is it that some people have no shame in spending money that doesn't belong to them, week after month after year? 

Is it fair to say that we are really being influenced by the media/TV/state of society with its 'buy now pay later' attitude. Or are we not bothering to take real responsibility for our own actions anymore?

Remember folks, this is not about those who have found themselves in positions of hardship through no fault of their own, but rather about those who are unemployed and have no intention to provide for themselves as they have a degree in how to work the benefit system, and know how to use Mr Loan and bend Mrs Credit Cards back, without remorse to live a life of pure luxury. 
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